Vienna Comic Con 2016

November 18th, 2016

These last minute line ups of mine are getting quite common^^”
This weekend is VIECC Vienna Comic Con and tomorrow I will participate in the cosplay contest. It will be a rather stressful day
because of the tight schedule and the fact, that it takes me 4 hours to get into my Sylvanas Costume…
On Sunday I will enjoy the convention floor and I thought, I could do this as the Bloody Baroness XD

Photo of my Sylvanas Costume by greencat
Photo of me by Currifex

November 21st, 2016

What a weekend!
VIECC Vienna Comic Con is already over and it was so much fun! I was in costume way to early the day of the contest XD The bodypaint was done so fast this time and getting into the armor was also really easy, so I had a little bit of time to walk the convention floor in costume 😀
But the best was clearly when the contest action started: Prejudging, waiting with the other contestants and the show itself, it was a blast! I was quite scared to go on stage actually, I’ve never been watched by so many people before, but as soon as the lights hit me and the audience was cheering, every little bit of fear was washed away and it was totally awesome. Thank you everyone for being such an amazing crowd on Saturday! And also big thanks to the judges Yaya Han, Lianne Moseley Makeup Artist and AJ-Designs GbR, it was really nice and fun meeting you! ^.^
Well, I didn’t win anything, but to be honest, I’m not even disappointed. I knew there would be outstanding costumes and I already felt so honored to be a contestant!
Huge congratulations to the four category winners Caro, Brazen & Bold Productions, Kanyan cosplay and Michiyo Nakajima Cosplay and of course to Okkido cosplay for winning best in show!

Sunday was more relaxing and we finally got to take a look at everything. I was not really in costume, I wore some old clothes of mine and vampire fangs to match the theme of my Cosplay nickname 😉 And what is a convention without stealing Sir Coconut‘s props (have you seen her Blood Elf Rogue costume? It’s insane! Go check it out! Now!) and take stupid photos with them backstabbing EyeofSauron Designs XD

I was totally crushed today, the weekend was also quite exhausting, but worth it! I’m already hyped for next year!

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