Nippon Nation 2016

July 14th, 2016

Yeeeeees! It’s convention-time!
This weekend will be my first Nippon Nation and my first Con in Vienna since 2011! I’m really excited, I don’t get to visit this city very often and I’m really looking forward to this stay with my sister (at the appartment of a guy I only know as “Witchdoctor”… nooooot weird at all XD).
I finished the fabric parts of Jen, so there will be at least the Mortalis version, but I’m also working non-stop at the vambraces! I will wear Jen on Saturday and Mabel and Wendy are back on Sunday… and maybe Soos too!^^

July 16th, 2016

So let me show you a proper pic of Jen!
Because of limited room in my suitcase (Nippon Nation was the first time I travelled by public transport to a convention) I had to leave my reflex camera at home, this picture was taken by my sister with my iPhone! Isn’t this great quality for a phone camera?

July 18th, 2016

Haaah, what a weekend!
I managed to get Jen from Primal and the vambraces wearable just on Friday midnight before Nippon Nation, actually, this Witchdoctor I stayed the weekend with was a really big help with the paint job and some fixing. He also drew the tattoo after my sister successfully covered my real tattoo with tons of make-up XD Although nobody really recognized my cosplay (I already figured it would be this way, the game isn’t too popular, but that’s ok, I had to do this for my 12 year old-me^^), I had a lot of fun and I went to workshops with EyeofSauron Designs (EVA Foam) and with Wall Creek Studios (Painting). I’m always excited to learn something new^^
On Sunday I was once more derping around as Mabel from Gravity Falls with my sister as Wendy and my husband as Soos. It’s always nice to see how much other people like these simple closet cosplays.

😀 Oh, and I seized an Arcade Riven glove from Sir Coconut and Varian Wrynn’s Shalamayne from EyeofSauron Designs (that damn sword is taller than me! XD). He also won the EuroCosplay Preliminaries, Congratulations!

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