Keira Metz

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If I’m to die today, I wish to look smashing for the occasion.

photographers: Madness Creations

Right after I finished Yen I already thought about what my next cosplay from The Witcher would be. Immediately Keira caught my attention with all the embroidery on her outfit. This also was a great opportunity to learn a new skill set.

Overall data

Work time: 300 hours
Materials used: linen, wool, Worbla’s Crystal Art, Fimo, wooden beads, rhinestones, bias tape, thread, rope, fabric paint, glass paint

Making of

I started this Cosplay in January 2018 by altering the pattern of Sansa Stark. I got it pretty wearable for Austria Comic Con on 14th and 15th of April 2018 with just the embroidery around the blanket thingy, the little bag and a proper tied rope left. I added all this 2 weeks later.

Apart from the weird blanket thingy the sewing wasn’t very difficult on this costume. What really took so long was all the embroidery which got me through half a play-through of Styx, at least five older seasons of Top Gear and one season of Face Off! I got the pattern for the blanket figured out by wrapping a piece of paper around a screwdriver and sticking it together and cutting it into shape. After that I converted all measures to my size and shortened it a bit. For the stripes on the blanket I masked the area and painted it with opaque fabric paint. The motif on the hem of the skirt and the pattern on the red scarf I printed with selfmade stamps out of foam (super proud about that^^). The necklace is composed of red wooden beads, fake amber gems I made out of Worbla’s Crystal Art (there’s a tutorial about it) painted with glass paint and the Ankh made out of Fimo and rhinestones. The Ankh is also glued in place so it exactly looks like in the game.

If you are interested in the creative process feel free to take a look at my progress photo album on my Facebook page.

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