AniNite 2016

August 25th, 2016

Last minute (closet) cosplays need last minute line ups!
Well, actually I will not be at AniNite by tomorrow, just Saturday and Sunday, but I’m happy I could make it anyway!
So, this is quite a long story. I ordered my original wig last week and I should have received it on Tuesday… I don’t know, what went wrong, but it has not arrived until today, but I wanted to stick to the original plan, so I had to use a super old wig I got from a toyshop for my… somewhat “first” cosplay Sakura from Naruto. So this is it: Saturday I’ll come as Pearl in her casual outfit from the episode “Beach Party”!
On Sunday I’ll be Wendy from Gravity Falls straight out of Weirdmageddon (without the axe I found in my garden shed XD)
So excited for my first AniNite since 2011! And also a little scared because it’s my first time traveling alone more than one hour away from home… I’m such a hobbit… XD

August 26th, 2016

Of course my wig for Pearl had to arrive one day after I styled the crappy one. >.< But look at the difference! Although I did twice the work, I’m really happy I got it in time!

August 29th, 2016

AniNite 2016 is already over and I’m so happy I was able to attend this super fun convention! Thank you everyone, who encouraged me and made it possible!
As some of you might have noticed by now, I love to steal props and costume parts of other cosplayers and take funny pictures with them. Once again I claimed Sir Coconut‘s prop, a volleyball from her Attack No. 1 (“Mila Superstar” in German) costume, which just happens to fit perfectly to my casual beach party dress of Pearl! Also Pearl seems to have interest in other weapons than swords and spears now like Darius’ axe from EyeofSauron Designs!
The highlight on Sunday was clearly this big and awesome Discount Auto Mart Warriors – Ahhhhhh – Mad Max group of course! 😉

I’m really glad I was able to snatch a picture with all of them.
And now I’m just gonna copy the list, so I won’t forget anybody^^’ Go check them out!!!
MonSoon Cosplay as Valkyrie and Mad Max
Brazen & Bold Productions as Furiosa and Immortan Joe
Spice Powered Engine as Nux
Elenya Frost as Capable
Narga-chan Cosplay Cosplay as Cheedo
Tammy Ryu as Wife #3
Mat Fox as Slit
Senya Music as the Doof Warrior and musician
MacGruber Creations as Polecat Warrior
AliceMarina as Wastelander and Make-Up Artist
Sebi as a War-Pup

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