Connichi 2016

September 15th, 2016

Better late than never! Here is my line up for Connichi in Kassel this weekend! I will debut as Pearl and my husband as Greg on Friday (better finish them today… XD). On Saturday I will be Ciri once again (I restyled the wig and I think I did it even better than the last time^^) and for Sunday I will bring Jen and hope, that it’s not to cold in this outfit! XD

September 18th, 2016

Sooooo before I will upload my usual convention picture collage, I have to post my two highlights of Connichi. One of them was meeting Lenora Costumes and Lightning Cosplay in their fabulous Yennefer and Triss outfits on Saturday! I’m always excited and happy to meet such talented and suuuper nice people and I’ve also could draw some lessons from their panels! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us!^^
We’ve gathered a lot of Ciris and my husband as Geralt for a Witcher group picture – don’t worry, I will upload it soon as well^^

September 19th, 2016

And here is my second highlight of Connichi last weekend: I love all sorts of animals (maybe spiders not so much…) and when we were just about to depart, I spotted this cute girl and her dog mommy Kamui Cosplay in the park! Although I’m more of a cat person I really love dogs too and one of my favourites are Corgis, they are just great, but unfortunately really rare in Central Europe… So Zelda was the first one I’ve seen live! I even got to hold her and received Corgi kisses, she’s such an angel!
If you wanna see more of Zelda, follow her Instagram @kamuiscorgi –

September 20th, 2016

So here is my overall Connichi post! I already told you a couple of experiences, but of course there was a lot more!
On Friday I wore my 2 days of sewing-Pearl outfit! I also restyled the wig a bit and did the one for my husband as Greg… Well, I just cut off the upper part XD Since we wanted it to be a simple and comfortable costume, we went without the sunburn body paint for Greg, but maybe we’ll catch up on it next year, since it will be too cold for those outfits soon.
As you already know my husband and me were Geralt and Ciri again on Saturday and I was so blown away by all your reactions! I think it took us an hour to walk around the park just once because you seemed to like our costumes so much! And as we wanted to go back inside to the dealer’s room, it took us about 15 Minutes from the stairs to the doors and to actually get in because we constantly had to stop for photos XD Thank you so much, this really means a lot to me!

Sadly I had to get changed at 4 pm – the corset gets pretty exhausting over time and I haven’t eaten anything the whole day (and the day before not much either). I think my husband is getting quite along with all this cosplay stuff, I really have to start with his Kaer Morhen armor!
Then we also carried on a Connichi tradition, we had dinner at Enchilada in Kassel, the food and the drinks are sooooo delicious, I could have stayed there for hours and drink cocktails and eat Quesadas, but we had to get back to the convention early for the Cosplay Business Q&A Panel because I also really wanted to see it.
Sunday was rather short, but on Thursday evening, while packing everything I had a stupid last minute idea once again for this day! We bought a short black haired wig at myCostumes (best wigs ever!) and I trimmed and styled it. I took a necklace and two wristbands and mashed up a quick Lewis costume from Primal to accompany me as Jen!^^ It was just perfect since he already had to bring a white tank top for Greg and he just wore his black jeans and the boot covers from Geralt. I was so amazed how well it fit him! And there were even three people, who recognized our characters! I was so happy, since this is one of my favourite games and it’s really sad that so few people remembers it anymore. Oh and I totally forgot to put on the red lipstick for Jen XD We left pretty early (it was about 12 pm) because we had a six and a half hour drive ahead of us…

Sad news – we probably won’t be able to visit Connichi 2017, it’s a rather inconvenient time of the year for my husbands studies. My heart bleeds when I think about missing out a year of this convention, but my husband’s priorities are also important to me, so I have to do this for him (thus I may be able to persuade him to go to Animuc? XDDD).

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