Jennifer Tate

The demon hybrid from Primal.

With me you get none of that extra-curricular crap, okay?

photographers: Currifex | Hagakure Photography

Primal was and still is one of my favourite games. I successfully took it from my sister’s PS2 game library and have played it several times. On hot summer days I still get the feeling that I want to play it. I was about 12 years old when the game was released and I always was fascinated with Jens clothes and her vambracers. Therefore making this costume was like a dream of my youth come true.

Overall data

Source: Primal
Work time: 100 hours
Materials used: metallic denim, faux patent leather, pleather, Worbla’s Findest Art, Worbla Transpa Art, EVA foam, craftfoam.

Making of

I started out in June 2016 and had already finished it in July 2016. Although I was so much looking forward to the vambraces I actually didn’t have much fun making them. The trousers on the other I really enjoyed to make. This was the point in my cosplays life, when I realized I might like sewing more then crafting armor.

I took the pattern from some pants out of my closet and altered it. I sewed Jen’s pants out of denim with a metallic effect. For the top is used some kind of faux patent leather because the fabric on the design seems to be really glossy and stretchy. The vambraces were made with craftfoam and Worbla’s Finest Art. For the big gem I took Worbla’s Transpa Art and stretched it over an acryllic dome, cut it out and painted it with vitreous color. I glued some packing material to the inside of the gem to hide whats underneath it: a few green leds and a battery. The leds are pretty weak though, so you can only see it glow in the dark.
For Jens iconic tattoo I have to cover up my own tattoo with tons of make up every time and them draw the tribal over it. For easier painting I cut out a stencil out of Worbla’s Finest Art.

If you are interested in the creative process feel free to take a look at my progress photo album on my Facebook page.