Vienna Comic Con 2016

VIECC Championships of Cosplay

Costume: Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft
Judges: Yaya Han, Lianne Moseley Makeup Artist and AJ-Designs GbR

Personal impressions

I’ve never been in front of such a huge crowd before, so I was quite scared to go on stage actually. But as soon as the lights hit me and the audience was cheering, every little bit of fear was washed away and it was totally awesome. Thank you everyone for being such an amazing crowd! And also big thanks to the judges, it was really nice and fun meeting you! ^.^
Well, I didn’t win anything, but to be honest, I’m not even disappointed. I knew there would be outstanding costumes and I already felt so honored to be a contestant!
Huge congratulations to the four category winners Caro, Brazen & Bold Productions, Kanyan cosplay and Michiyo Nakajima Cosplay and of course to Okkido cosplay for winning best in show!